Welcome to the MPN family, Grant & Maureen Bergstrom! November 13, 2020

GMB Enterprises, Inc. dba Mountain Peak Nutritionals

Regarding the change in ownership of Mountain Peak Nutritionals (MPN), Dr. Jim Massey wishes to share his thoughts. “After 25 years of guiding Mountain Peak Nutritionals to becoming a leader in the professional supplement industry, Karen and I have decided it’s time to move on to the next chapter of our lives. Karen and I want to thank all of you for your wonderful and much appreciated support throughout these past 25 years. We’ve been blessed with generous and insightful ingredient suggestions, new product ideas and feedback from many of our supporting doctors and industry professionals as we continued to make our formulas more effective. We are grateful for your continued support and I look forward to creating more Condition Specific Formulas® for Grant and Maureen Bergstrom at Mountain Peak Nutritionals.”

As of November 2020, GMB Enterprises has acquired all the assets of MPN and is now actively moving the company towards a future where MPN is even better than before. Grant explained, “After years of searching, while gaining related global industry business experience, we are grateful to share a mutually agreed upon vision of all that MPN can be. We are grateful the Masseys believe we are the people to take MPN to that place. Jim and Karen have been incredible stewards of taking MPN to where it is today, we look forward to working with all MPN’s concerned parties to take the business to the next level. MPN is in a great place, all things considered, we believe there are more out there who could benefit from MPN’s top shelf condition specific products and we intend to help that happen.”

Jim added, “We feel incredibly fortunate to have found Grant and Maureen Bergstrom to build on our original mission at MPN, and lead MPN to the next stage of growth and development.  Grant has 25 years of leadership experience in the nutrition industry, and has family ties in the scientific discovery and development of nutritional standards that include DMSO and MSM. Maureen is a registered nurse and has worked for many years as a health care professional. Together they have the intention, ability and vision to accomplish new and inventive plans to take MPN to a new and higher level of effectiveness.”

The Massey’s measured choices in finding the right employees and vendors made for long-lasting client relationships, all of which will be nurtured into the future. With deep respect for the company’s past, Grant and Maureen look forward to taking MPN to new heights while building on the solid foundation that is the Mountain Peak mission: to create the highest quality nutritional supplements by combining the most pure, bioavailable, and clinically proven ingredients into formulas that address specific health conditions.