Condition-Specific Multivitamins a Big Hit With Consumers

A recent Nutritional Outlook article by Sebastian Krawiec concludes “…multivitamin and multimineral formulations, are growing as consumers seek cost-effective ways to personalize their nutrition.”

Mountain Peak Nutritionals’ Condition Specific Formulas® do just that, by personalizing detailed formulations around focused health goals common to most practitioner patient populations. These formulas have been proven since naturopath founder Dr. Jim Massey ND started MPN in 1996.

The article continues: “Multivitamins and multiminerals stay relevant… by either formulating the product with a health focus or through the addition of added-value ingredients that allow the consumer to target specific needs such as cognitive health or even beauty. ‘Consumers are always looking to simplify their routines,” explains Haleigh Resetar, SPINS (Chicago). ‘Instead of having to take three to five different vitamins or supplements every day, they want one that is all-inclusive and personalized to what they are going to get out of it. And I think companies are really starting to pick up on this.’

SPINS data indicate that in 2022, U.S. multi sales for men and women grew 60% and 42%, respectively, in the cognitive health category. Sales of hair, skin, and nails multis grew 65%. “This seems to indicate that consumers are … seeking specific outcomes in addition to supporting their overall health.”

“As we look into 2023, we do think that bone health is going to be one of those categories to watch and one of those that is going to see some serious growth because of the growth that we saw in the performance category,” Resetar explains. “All of these people who are starting to increase their workouts, increase their exercise, are going to soon have to start looking for products that support their bone and joint health to supplement the additional impact they’re having on their bodies.”

“Multivitamin products that offer additional benefits are not just convenient but also economical, explains Resetar. Consumers are motivated by options that reduce their costs without necessarily having to sacrifice their wants and needs.” Multimineral products have seen particularly large sales growth, with a 123% increase in US mainstream channel in 2022 and 23% growth in the natural channel.

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