• Sample requests can only be shipped to the same address as the order concurrently being processed.
  • Sample requests must be submitted immediately after placing your order; delayed submissions may not be honored.
  • You may request up to 5 free packets of each available formula. However, we will not send a “full compliment” or an excessive number of samples with drop shipment orders to patients and/or family members.
  • We will do our best to honor your request, but quantities are not guaranteed.
  • Each pillow pack contains four capsules.
  • If you require more than 5 of any one formula, please reach out to us at support@mtnpeaknutrition.com, or by phone at 503-292-7272, as additional costs will apply ($1.25/packet).

  • Acid Assist™ formula
    Formulated to support occasional indigestion.
  • Number of Samples:
  • Aller G Plus™ formula
    Support for sinuses and respiratory system.
  • Number of Samples
  • Cell Rescue™ (formerly Anti-Inflammatory) formula
    High level antioxidant support.
  • Number of Samples
  • Digestive™ formula
    Support for better digestion with plant enzymes, probiotics, and HCl.
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  • Energy Formula™ formula
    Drink powder multivitamin+, Orange flavor
  • Number of Samples
  • MSI Support™ formula
    Support and relief for muscle and joint pain.
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  • Sleep Easy™ formula
    Natural support for a better night’s sleep.
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  • Tranquility™ formula
    Anti-anxiety support and cognitive restoration.
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